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"Sydne was very informative and made me feel at ease from the moment we first met. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation as I." Former OWI client

"Sydne was always available to answer every question I had throughout the entire process, but most importantly she worked not just for me, but with me. I feel like this was the difference between just being a client, and being her client. " R.E.

Attorney Sydne FrenchI try to take a personal interest in every person who calls me for help. I do my best to make sure they do not feel like they are just a case number or just another "defendant." I make the time to really listen to their side of things, their perspectives, and their concerns. I do my best to stay in touch, and I welcome my clients to do the same. They know they can call me 24/7 and that I am there for them 100%.

"Sydne's commitment to her clients,
to the ideal of justice, and to the goal
of zealous representation is unparalleled.
" Keith Findley, President, International Innocence Network; Co-Director, Wisconsin Innocence Project


Winner of the Baldwin Award for Excellence in Criminal Law
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We are passionate about what we do and it shows.  We have earned  a solid reputation for negotiating significantly reduced charges, penalties, and dismissals while aggressively defending our clients against the power and resources of the State.

Visit our News Room and take a look at some of the results we have achieved for our clients.  You'll see why we are one of the most well respected criminal and drunk driving defense firms in Wisconsin.


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Juvenile Crimes Defense
Juvenile Delinquency


The Law Offices of Sydne French
Aggressively Protecting Your Child's Rights and Future

Juvenile Crimes Attorneys
Juvenile Delinquency Lawyers

Like adults, juveniles can be arrested and prosecuted for serious crimes.  Although the juvenile criminal justice system treats children and juveniles differently in many respects, the penalties and long term consequences of a juvenile delinquent disposition, or a waiver into adult court for a misdemeanor/felony criminal charge can be devastating.

The juvenile justice system is based on the concept that juvenile offenders are are fundamentally different than adults, both in terms of the level of responsibility that is expected of them, and their potential for rehabilitation.  The policies underlying the Juvenile Court are therefore focused on treatment and rehabilitation, rather than punishment of young offenders.  Although this sounds nice, the reality is that unless your child is represented by an attorney, his or her rights can be—and often are—ignored or even violated.

Attorney Sydne French brings a unique set of skills to your child's defense in juvenile crimes cases.  She earned her degree in clinical psychology with numerous high honors and distinction at the University of California in Berkeley.   Sydne has extensive experience working with at-risk-youth populations, and those with learning disorders, behavioral disorders, and other types of difficulties children in trouble with the law typically exhibit.  She is skilled at helping juvenile case workers, prosecutors, and judges to see your child in a more positive light, and to understand why your child deserves a second chance.  In most cases, she has successfully prevented formal charges from ever being filed in the first place.

Click here to learn more about Attorney French.

Time is of the essence in juvenile crimes cases. We strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible before making any strategic decisions about your son or daughter's case. Many deadlines begin to run from the moment your child first comes to the attention of the authorities. You need to know what must be done right now to preserve your child's rights and potential defenses for his or her case. Whether you choose us or another firm, we want to caution you against postponing your efforts to hire an attorney. Many tactical advantages can be and often are lost by waiting.

The consequences of juvenile crimes for a minor have long-term, adverse effects. Contact us today┬áto discuss legal representation for your son or daughter.  For your convenience, we have day and evening appointments available, as well as weekend appointments.




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