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What will I get for a 3rd OWI?

There is no short answer for this question. Sentencing of OWI cases depends upon many factors. There are sentencing guidelines in place, however, that judges follow when sentencing individuals when they're charged with an OWI. The guidelines are different for each county in Wisconsin.

The guidelines for any given county are based on a chart divided into two columns (mitigated or aggravated) and several rows (level of blood or breath alcohol content). Generally speaking, the higher the alcohol content, the more severe the penalties.

Each case is different and there are other factors that guide a judge at sentencing. Sentencing is a complex process that no individual or attorney should take lightly. Every attempt should be made to mitigate or downplay the negative facts of your case, and identify and emphasize the positives.

This information is not meant to serve as legal advice. You should consult with a qualified attorney before making any decisions about your case and never rely solely on information found on the Internet.

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