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Attorney Sydne French has devoted her practice exclusively to defending people facing criminal charges. Attorney French is well known among criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin for aggressively defending her clients in the court room while treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve. She takes a compassionate and empathetic approach to all of her cases, regardless of the situation.

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Sydne's commitment to justice runs deep. She has represented criminal defendants statewide in numerous legal advocacy organizations, such as the Criminal Appeals Project, the Death Penalty Project, Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons, and the Wisconsin Innocence Project. She was awarded The Gordon D. Baldwin Award for Excellence in Criminal Law for her outstanding legal work.

Sydne's work has earned her a winning reputation among her clients and the legal community. She has been invited to speak at such notable organizations as the University of Wisconsin Law School's Remington Center, and the Madison Civics Club, where she was chosen as the Public Affairs Speaker and Committee Member for the 2005-2006 Program, "The Courage of Their Convictions: One Who Risks Makes a Difference." Photos and transcript of speech given to over 900 members and guests on February 25, 2006 are available at: Madison Public Affairs Speakers.

Award-winning Milwaukee Defense Attorney, Sydne French, knows how to prove your innocence. Attorney French’s impressive credentials put other Milwaukee lawyers to shame. Her honors include:

  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • High Honors in Departmental Scholarship (a.k.a. Magna Cum Lauda)
  • High Distinction in General Scholarship
  • Distinguished Service Award; Golden Key National Honor Society
  • Psi Chi National Honor Society
  • Seal of Merit, Alpha Gamma Sigma National Honor Society
  • J&M Davidson Scholarship
  • Albert Job Scholarship
  • Monroe Deutsche Scholarship

Additionally, Ms. French was founder and president of three student organizations, and she developed the Award For Excellence In Community Service Scholarship for students demonstrating a passionate commitment to serving others.

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Psychology Research

Published Work

French, S. (2002). Psychopathic traits among preadolescent girls with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Assessing form, severity, prevalence, and correlates. Berkeley Scientific Journal, 6, 43–49.

University of California

Social Behavior ADHD Research Project: Administered diagnostic psychological and neuro-psychological assessments to juveniles/adolescents using various clinical and developmental psychology research methods.

San Francisco, California

Family Violence Project: Assisted with the counseling of victims of domestic abuse on their legal rights and options. Worked with Family Violence Project staff advocates, Assistant District Attorneys, and interdepartmental personnel (e.g., Domestic Violence Response Unit, San Francisco Police Department) to develop an understanding the psychology of victims and those accused of domestic violence/abuse.

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What others are saying about Defense Attorney French


Her work has been excellent. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have had her assistance and look forward to a continued relationship.

Stephen J. Meyer, Meyer Law Office, Madison, Wisconsin

Sydne is compassionate and fair, yet firm when needed. She is a woman of considerable talent and admirable ambition.

Stephen K. Lee, Lee Investments, San Francisco, California

Sydne is an exceptionally astute and quick study. She is remarkably hard-working, dedicated, and enterprising.

Elizabeth Owens, Ph.D., Research Psychologist and Lecturer University of California, Berkeley.
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