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Milwaukee Arrest Warrant Defense Attorney

Having a warrant out for your arrest is scary. It can easily cause stress on your personal relationships. Anyone you come into contact with & anyone who has information on you has a legal obligation to turn you in. If they don’t, they can be charged with aiding & abetting or accessory to a crime. That’s why a lot of people are hesitant to contact a defense attorney when there’s a warrant out on them. How could you trust a stranger?

Very simply put, your defense lawyer will not do this. They are bound by client confidentiality. It is your attorney’s job to defend you. If they turn you in, they will have failed in doing their job. When you contact Milwaukee defense attorney Sydne French, you significantly increase the odds of lowering your penalty than if you try to fight the charge on your own.

Types of warrants

  • Arrest warrant: Warrants the arrest of someone who is suspected of committing a crime
  • Bench warrant: Warrants the arrest of someone who missed a required court hearing

Defend Your Case

What NOT to do when there’s a warrant for your arrest

  • Run. This is often the initial reaction people have when they hear the police are looking for them. It is also the worst thing you could do. This will only add to the list of reasons they’re looking for you.
  • Travel. Getting as far away from the situation as possible may seem like an easy fix. The problem is that airport security will see your record immediately upon check-in, so you won’t get far in the first place.
  • Commit other offenses. The longer the list of offenses you have under your belt, the harsher your penalties will be. It’s easy to feel desperate in these situations, but the best thing you could do is remain calm and contact a defense attorney before any other offenses occur.

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What SHOULD you do if there's a warrant for your arrest? 

The best possible thing you could do when a warrant has been issued for your arrest is contact a lawyer. This is intimidating, as you may feel as if you cannot trust anyone. This leads to the temptation to flee. It is imperative for your own benefit that you contact a legal professional as soon as possible so she can guide you through the process of proving your innocence. You don't need to get through it alone. 

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