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Defense Attorney for Probation Violation in Brookfield

How does probation work in Wisconsin?

In most cases, probation is the preferred alternative to jail time. It is considered a lesser punishment & makes it easier to reintegrate into society after a guilty conviction. Probation comes with terms & regulations that a person must follow or they risk jail time, additional fines or both. You will be assigned a probation agent to whom you will need to report your whereabouts, activities & any other rules required.

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You are accused of violating your probation terms. Now what?

When you’re charged for breaking the rules agreed upon for your probation & will need to arm yourself against a guilty verdict. That’s when you need an experienced defense attorney to stay by your side & fight for a second chance. Contact Wisconsin defense attorney Sydne French for a free legal consult when you've been accused of violating your probation terms.

Defend Yourself

The probation revocation process is not as hopeless as you may think

A lot of people think that they have no shot at a second chance when they’ve violated their probation. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a number of reasons a person might break probation terms that were not reckless, including health issues, family emergencies & more. This is all important information your lawyer can use to help you navigate the probation defense to ensure a fair outcome.

Protect Your Innocence

What is an Alternative to Revocation?

The term Alternative to Revocation (or ATR) is used to describe options that may be more appropriate than revocation for those who violate their supervision rules. For example, in cases with individuals who have mental health issues, it may be wise to propose a well-researched, specific, community-based treatment program as a better means to correct offending behavior than revocation and prison time.

We have found that mental health issues (which may actually be the cause of the problem behavior) often go undetected, and/or untreated in the criminal justice system. One way to tell if this may be happening is the individual has usually had all the standard treatment programs available through the DOC, yet they keep getting in trouble, over and over again. This kind of pattern usually tells us that there may be something more going on to drive the behavior.

In these types of cases, we argue that revocation is unwarranted and inappropriate because this underlying mental health issue has not yet been properly treated, and that treatment is best provided in the community. We talk with a variety of doctors, nurses, and community-based treatment facilities to find the most suitable and effective program for the client’s particular diagnoses and treatment needs.

We then craft a comprehensive, persuasive ATR proposal detailing the specific program we have in mind, explaining why this would be a much more effective and appropriate resolution than revocation would be.

Contact Milwaukee defense attorney Sydne French to learn what kind of ATR is best for your case!
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