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Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Attorney in Milwaukee

Do you need a lawyer for a misdemeanor in Wisconsin?

Misdemeanors are crimes considered less severe than felonies but more severe than a general infraction. The punishment for a misdemeanor can be any combination of monetary fines, jail time or both. 

If you or a loved one is facing misdemeanor charges, it’s important to learn all the possible outcomes of the arrest. Milwaukee defense lawyer Sydne French provides free, no obligation legal consultations so she can get to know your case thoroughly before formulating a strategy to prove your innocence.

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Examples of misdemeanors in Wisconsin:

What are misdemeanor classes in Wisconsin?

Just like felony classes, misdemeanor class measures the severity of a misdemeanor, and therefor what the appropriate maximum punishment should be.

Maximum punishment for misdemeanor by class:

Class A Misdemeanor

9 months in jail & a $10,000 fine

Class B Misdemeanor

90 days in jail & a $1,000 fine

Class C Misdemeanor

30 days in jail & a $500 fine

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