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Felony Defense Attorney in Milwaukee

The most serious crimes require the most understanding criminal defense in Wisconsin

A felony is a crime serious enough to be punishable by death or a term in state or federal prison. They are far more serious than misdemeanors, which are only punishable by either fines or terms in local or county jails or fines. While capital punishment is no longer legal in Wisconsin, people charged with a serious felony still risk lifetime imprisonment.

Felony sentences can vary greatly depending on what class the crime falls in. That makes Wisconsin’s legal system nearly impossible to navigate without experienced legal help. If your loved one is facing serious criminal charges, schedule a free legal consultation now.

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What are the felony classes in Wisconsin?

Each felony class measures how serious a crime is. The levels are used to determine what the maximum sentence for each felony is.

Maximum prison sentence by felony class:

Class A Felony

Life imprisonment (or death in some states)

Class B Felony

At least 25 years in prison

Class C Felony

10-25 years in prison

Class D Felony

5-10 years in prison

Class E Felony

1-5 years in prison


The more serious your felony class, the more important it is for you to arm yourself with the best defense. Every case is different, therefore it's important not to rely only on the information provided here. Attorney French will provide more accurate information based on your unique circumstances.

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