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What matters most when hiring an attorney?

What matters most when hiring an attorney? Many would say the most important thing is to hire an attorney who has a reputation for winning. This is an important factor to consider, I agree. And to some, this is all that matters. But what else matters?

I'm On Your Side

Imagine how you would feel if this happened to you. You are charged with a criminal offense. But you’ve hired a lawyer and hope he will protect you, guide you through the process. You arrive to court on time, but your attorney barely talks to you. The courtroom can be a scary place, especially if it is your first time. But your lawyer shows more interest in talking to his lawyer friends about flying a private jet around the country and he even complains about some of the clients he has. He talked a great game until he received his retainer. After that, he never seemed to have time to return your calls.

You hire an attorney to defend you, to safeguard your rights and freedom. Some would say you hire an attorney to make you feel safe.

When I became a lawyer, I swore I would never be one of those guys my clients feel like they can't trust.

Some lawyers sit around with other attorneys in courtrooms and openly exchange stories about some of their clients while waiting for their case to be called. It’s a practice that is disrespectful and unprofessional. I imagine everyone that happens to be within earshot may feel the same.

A courtroom is a place where one’s fate is decided; maybe not today, but at some point. For attorneys to sit around and chit-chat with other attorneys about their clients in a disrespectful manner, or to ignore the one person whose rights they are there to defend, is belittling and insulting.

If given the choice between two attorneys who both have winning reputations, who would you choose? The one who ignores you, or the one who keeps you well informed and guides you through the process?

Choose a defense attorney who's actually on your side & contact Sydne French to represent your case.
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